Sometimes we need to broaden our perspective to learn. That’s why we invited this rock trio from Ireland to join Beat Studies on a traditionally hip-hop flavored podcast. They were in the states briefly for a high-profile gig and we talked in the time between their rehearsal and evening performance at Saint Vitus Bar. I picked the brain of lead singer/guitar player Kevin Breen alongside his bandmates from Kid Karate on loads of topics: Dynamics in music, licensing for commercial use through Spirit Music, an awesome artist sponsorship by Bushmills, the similarities between rap and punk, and even mosh pits.

kid karate music interview beat studies podcast

Kevin proclaims Ireland as the most “woke” country in the world as they enjoy the collapse of the old order and usher in the new. He goes on to describe a thriving music community—despite a lack of industry resources. “Everyone has to dig it out themselves,” he says. Dublin is now being called the capital of punk, and Kevin lists off some other bands that are joining Kid Karate in rounding out this robust scene.

“Punk is just freedom to do whatever you want,” says frontman Kevin Breen.

For the full interview, listen now to the latest Beat Studies Podcast as we blaze through this diverse range of topics like a redhead running through the streets of Belfast, as well as listen and dissect a few select songs from their growing catalog, dive deep into their post-modern cubist album cover art by Peter Doyle, and get to know the fun loving, free spirited, hard rocking group that is Kid Karate.